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The Church of the Angels


REV SALLY DEUTSCH - Rev Sally became a member of Church of the Angels, shortly after it started at the Senior center in Orange, 25 plus years ago. She studied with Rev. France Warfield for 2 1/2 years then studied with Rev. Richard Forrea for close to a year before his death.  She then continued studies with Tom Young on ceremonial service.   Rev Sally received her minister papers from Melchecideck out of New York and 2 years ago, was ordained with The Church of the Angels.  She a Psychic/Medium-Spiritual Counselor and works with clients doing Past Life Regression.  Rev Sally also works as an Animal Communicator.

Speaker Bios

REV JAN SAWYER NEY - Rev Jan started Her spiritual journey in earnest in 2008 following the death of her best friend & dog of 9 years, “Destiny”.  She was raised catholic, but not practicing, and taught to believe in life after death. She missed her friend.  Rev Jan started studying ancient Celtic Religion and she studied Mediumship Development for several years.  With each answer a new question popped up.  She continued her studies and became a Reiki Master. She studied The Art of Angelic Ritual Prayer and was ordained through Where Angels Gather the Fellowship.  Rev Jan was also ordained through The Church of the Angels in 2017. Rev Jan received Spiritual Insight Training I at Fellowships of the Spirit, NY and while on several trips to Lilydale Assembly, she studied Native American Culture.  Rev Jan founded and works with her company The Healing Tree LLC. 


6-5 -- Spirit Message Service

6-12 -- John Bowers

6-19 -- Carrie Rudlow

6-26 -- Carolyn Boatman

FRAN DITTRICH -  Fran gains her intuition and knowledge from practicing the art of living life to the fullest.  She studies many different spiritual practices, and loves to learn about anything involved in the beliefs and practices of spiritualism.  She is still developing her healing and mediumship.
She held every volunteer position that a school could have when her sons were in school, and volunteered as both secretary and treasurer for The Church of the Angels. She considers her greatest characteristic is that of a loving mother, granny, sister and friend. Fran shares her insights with attempted humor and humility, as she does not claim to be an expert at anything, but is rather a perpetual student of everything. 

4-1 - Spirit Message Service

4-8 -- Rev Jan Sawyer Ney

4-15 -- Fran Dittrich

4-22 -- Ernie Betz

4-29 -- Rev Sally Deutsch

ERNIE BETZ - Ernie has been studying astrology since 1972.  He is a charter member of the Lake County Astrology Association and participates in monthly activities.  Astrology chart readings focus on the birth chart and current trends.  Angel card readings can be provided upon request as well.  Ernie is certified in Transdisciplinary Holistic Healthcare from the Cleveland Clinic.  He has volunteered for the Cleveland Clinic for more than 800 hours with the Healing Services Department.  There he has used energy work on patients, visitors and staff to release stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.  After retiring from computer programming in the early 2000’s, Ernie has volunteered doing Reiki and Quantum Touch at various health fairs for the city of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, the Cavaliers, Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Clinic.  He has given many healing talks, workshops and classes in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.