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05  -  Spirit Message Service

12 -  Allen Ziga - Divine Timing

19 -  Carrie Rudow - Forgiveness

26 -  TBA

Rev. Barbara Elizabeth Tanner Douglass will be speaking on February 19th 2023 Sunday Service at 11:00                    
With earned BA and MFA degrees and ordination/licensing in 1989, Barbara’s life of service on two continents has always centered on communication -- as an actress, teacher, writer, public speaker, holistic counselor, herbalist, healing channel, light worker, transformational facilitator, metaphysician and minister. Divinely led by herself, angelic hosts, cosmic beings and ascended masters, she fosters arts, wholeness, expansion of humanity into the New Earth and the sanctity of community of all beings on the planet, including Pachamama, the Earth Mother.


05  -  Spirit Message Service
12  -  Rev Mark Zore - Love
19  -  Rev Barbara Douglass - Consciously Creating Our World.

26  -  Rev. Jenni Vinecourt - What are you afraid of?

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