SPEAKER on December 18th • Topic: The Journey of An Energy Healer

Alexander Fox, The Fox Wellness Den, Alexander is a kind, gentle and loving soul who is a beacon of light to raise and oscillate consciousness with unconditional love light and healing. ​ Being an energy healer, life coach and sound healer, he's a vessel through source that assists in changing and healing people all over the globe, for their best and highest greatness. He has assisted hundreds of people and has goals to reach them by millions. This is only the beginning for him.


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The Church of the Angels


04 - Spirit Message Service

11 - Ernie Betz - Healing with Life Force Energy

18 - Alex Fox-The Journey of an Energy Healer

25 - Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Angels in Action

SPEAKER on December 11th • Healing with Life Force Energy

Ernie Betz, Creekside Healing, Ernie has studied a variety of spiritual modalities: Christianity, Judaism, comparative religions, A Course in Miracles, and Sufi Teachings (meditation, chanting, universal worship, dance of peace, and he is a healing order conductor). Also he is trained in astrology, numerology, acupressure, massage, Chakra balancing, Usui and Practical Reiki.

01  -  Spirit Message Service

08  -  Sadie Lane

15  -  Jim Hayslett

22  -  Rev Debra "Raven" Vegh

29  -  Rev Jenni