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What is Heart in Hand?  It is a Spiritualism Lyceum series examining modern Spiritualist thought inspired by the 50-year-old book entitled: Becoming a Spiritualist by H. Gordon Burroughs.
The pandemic need not separate us!  We are connected to Spirit and therefore to one another.  All your church ministers send their love and prayers that you and your loved ones will remain well and find peace.  Every Sunday a new inspirational article will be posted until the church resumes full assembly in person. 

These articles of inspiration are my personal thoughts.  As a fourth generational Spiritualist, it is my hope that you will forever seek as much thought-provoking knowledge as possible.  If you would like to know more about me, here is a link to my personal story.

I have not seen many of you from the church in a very long time and that is because I am now almost completely deaf, and congregation is far too confusing for me to navigate.  I have served as head pastor of the church in the past and realize how critically important it is for everyone to feel embraced by Spirit’s love. 

I certainly don’t have all the answers and I am not a licensed counselor but I’m a good listener and tend to ask questions that get folks thinking outside their box.  If you wish to have personal contact with me, please start all correspondence with H/H – Your Name.  All contact is always free and confidential: no mailing lists ever!  Please let Rev Jenni know if you would like to be in contact with me by using the church’s email 

Thank you and I look forward to serving Spirit, the church and you in whatever way I can.        

                                                                                ~ Rev Tiger Holly K’Lynn         

Hello from Tiger!  Using the form below, post a brief experience you have had that confirmed to you that Spirit was sending you their love or guidance. Be mindful to use non offensive language. Or share your comments with us on any of the articles.   Your comments may be posted on this page but we will NOT use your name!  Church of the Angels reserves the right to pull anything we deem inappropriate.

Heart in Hand

Sunday Inspiration with Rev Tiger Holly K’Lynn

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