For up to the minute, details via e-mail on regularly scheduled and special events, join us for free on of the Angels or at Facebook - The Church of the Angels of Cleveland Ohio

Our schedule fills quickly so please submit all proposals for workshops, events or space rentals at least 2 months prior to the event.  This allows time for the Board of Trustees to discuss and vote on all submissions.

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* We meet every Sunday at 11am.  First Sunday of the month is our Spirit Message Service where our Mediums bring messages from Spirit instead of having a guest speaker.  We also included a Blessing Ceremony at the end of this special service. As with any of our services, we cannot guarantee that all those who come will get a message but we can assure that the messages can be uplifting for all!​

​​* Women's Book Discussion Group - 1st Monday evenings at 6-7pm (except holidays).  At this time this group meets online via Zoom.  A Love Donation is collected.

* Spiritual Development Circle - 1st and 3rd Monday evenings at 7pm (except holidays).  Please check the calendar or to confirm.  We have a meditation, talk about spiritual topics such as mediumship, healing, how to connect with Spirit. At this time this group meets online via Zoom.  A Love Donation is collected.


12550 Chillicothe Road (Rt. 306),

Chesterland, Ohio 44026
(at Geauga's Market House - on Rt. 306 1/4 mile North of Rt. 322)


Church of the Angels East meets at 11:00 a.m. Sunday mornings in Chesterland, 
approximately 5 minutes east of I-271

and  Mayfield Road (Rt. 322) and ¼ mile North

of Rt. 322 on the west side of Rt. 306.

Follow the parking lot left to the back

building and enter through the main

double doors facing Rt. 306.

Come and See us!

We celebrate each Sunday at our Chesterland location with song and prayer from 11am to 12:30pm. Our services are facilitated by a variety of ministers and congregants.  

You will experience a short period of quiet reflection as Spiritual Healing is offered. A variety of interesting topics is shared each week by our own congregants and invited guests. We present announcements of upcoming church events and give information of classes and events of a spiritual nature that are offered by our membership. Donations to support the church are collected by passing a basket and are blessed as an integral part of the service.

Our music director at The Church of the Angels, Bobby Zebrowski brings a lively touch to our Sunday services. His music inspires the congregation to express the love and joy of Spirit!

The final portion of our gathering is the serving of Spirit by allowing our mediums and students to share messages with the congregation from those loved ones, saints, healers, teachers and angels from the other side. After the service we join in fellowship with refreshments supplied by our members. We hope you will join us.

Statement of Principles


​There is One Creative Force of which all life is a part. This One Creative Force is known by many names and manifestations. We recognize and honor the many names and manifestations of the One Creative Force, the Source of All Creation, One in God.

The energy of Life everywhere is continuous. All Consciousness is continuous. Communication is continuous. The energy of Life, Consciousness and Communication never cease, even after the event that is perceived as death.

One creates one's own reality. One creates in harmony with the One Creative Force, the great power of God, of which all life is a part. Reality is as one chooses to perceive and will change as one grows in knowledge of the inner self and one's relationship with the God of his understanding. All things are possible with faith, insight, knowledge, understanding, acceptance and love.

Love is the unifying energy of the universe. Love is the energy of the One Creative Force, the wisdom of God. All life and all mankind are one in the creatorship and healing force of love and with each other. Love is within us and of us. Love is never apart from us. It is we who separate ourselves from the power of love. The force of God works through love and love alone.

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What You Can Expect

Who We Are

Many faces, many paths.

We are a diverse group of believers – we come from all walks of life and a diversity of beliefs.  All united by our shared faith in Healing, Prayer and Prophecy.

Our Mission Statement


The Church of the Angels creates opportunities to experience our connection with the One Creative Force, whose essence expresses through Love.

What Is A Spiritualist?

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The Church of the Angels

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 Being a member of our meetup group does not necessarily imply that any person is affiliated or sanctioned by The Church of the Angels.   When in doubt please call or contact us via email with your questions. Thank you!"

 If Weather is questionable, please check channels 3 and/or 5 for any cancellations.   You can also check Fox8 online under business closings.

Rev Jenni Vinecourt
Fran Dittrich
Rev Mark Zore
Lydia Plescia
Kathy Gilway

Rev Renee Roth
Carrie Rudow

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Rev Bobby Zebrowski
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Lydia Plescia

Kathy Gilway, Jen Eppich