The Church of the Angels

Speaker Bios

Rev Cindi Schmitt Del Balso - Rev Cindi Schmitt-Del Balso's connection with Spirit has led her to  continually seeks ways to better understand, express, and share that  connection. As an artist, her work has been an expression of life,  energy, and the presence of Spirit that resides in all things,  particularly in nature. In the search for a better understanding of the  connection between her art and her relationship with Spirit, she was  guided to attend Fellowships of the Spirit and was ordained in 2014. A  devout cat/animal-lover, Rev Cindi is also a medium, Reiki Master, and  Pranic healer.

Rev Jan Sawyer-Ney  -  I started my spiritual journey in earnest in 2008 following the death of my best friend & dog of 9 years, “Destiny”. I was raised catholic, but not practicing, and taught to believe in life after death. I missed my friend. I started studying ancient Celtic Religion.  I studied Mediumship Development for several years.   With each answer a new question popped up. I continued my studies and became a Reiki Master. I studied The Art of Angelic Ritual Prayer and was ordained through Where Angels Gather the Fellowship. I received Spiritual Insight Training I at Fellowships of the Spirit, NY. While on several trips to Lilydale Assembly, I studied Native American Culture. I founded my company The Healing Tree LLC. 

Donna Peltz - Donna graduated from Kent State University in 1962 and lives a full life with her husband of 25 years and her beloved kitty.  She is more grateful for the blessings of friends, family and good health than ever before as she now realizes how precious these things are.  She did not find her chosen carreer which is writing until recently.  Donna loves to write, speak and share her philosophy.  Being able to do what she loves now fills her with great joy.  In her words, “Who I’ve been in the past matters much less to me than who I am today. I’m pushing the envelope, age-wise, and I don’t want to greet my Maker with excuses! “ 

Steve Mitskavich - Trained in most fine art disciplines Steve Mitskavich has created art work which has been purchased by the former Cleveland Health Museum located in Cleveland, Oh and the World Erotic Art Museum in South Beach, FL. and private collectors. Steve is a graduate of Lakeland Community College with an Associates Arts Degree and Lake Erie College with a BFA degree specializing in sculpture. While journeying through the business world he has completed many courses with the American College of Financial Planning, Cleveland State University and gained knowledge and expertise through active participation in numerous other workshops completed at Lily Dale in New York State, University of Southern Illinois, in the greater Cleveland Area, Columbus area, Michigan, New York and in Florida. Steve is president of Mitskavich and Associates Inc. and founder of High Tower Publishing. Steve began his writing career after composing and sending letters to editors, President Obama, and sharing creative informative year end letters with clients such as the, "Wisdom of the Crow. This led to other pieces a few are, “Prayer of Abundance, Prayer for the Departed and When the Elders Speak.  Crossing a Bridge through Time,“ emerged as well.

Apr 2 ~ All Message
Apr 9 ~ Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Apr 16 ~ Rev Kim Leverton

Apr 23 ~ Steve Mitskavich

​Apr 30 ~ TBD

Sunday Service Speakers -- Apr

Mar 5 ~ All Message

Mar 12~ Rev Cindi Schmitt Del Balso

Mar 19 ~ Donna Peltz

Mar 26 ~ Rev Jan Sawyer-Ney

Sunday Service Speakers --  Mar

New Writer's Group with Donna Peltz - 3rd Sunday at 9:30 before service

New Men's Group with Rev William Wimer - 4th Sunday at 9:30 before service at Arabica Coffee House

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Spiritualism in the Bible

Sunday, March 19th       1:30 - 4pm

$20 at the door

Join Rev Walt Fasser as he shares his wisdom about Psychic and Spiritual 

events as told in the Bible.


Revealing Your Karma

a Class of Self-Discovery

Thursday evenings  Mar 23, Mar 30, Apr 6  from 7-9pm

$20 each session

Growing into who you were meant to be, not who you think you are.

Rev Jenni Vinecourt and Rev Pat Gates will guide you through instruction, discussion

and exercises structured to lead you to discover your Karmic tasks in this life

and how to develop and refine these tasks as you move forward on your path.

(It is important to your development to attend all 3 sessions)


Drum Circle

Friday, May 12th     7-8:30pm

Love donations are accepted

Come join facilitator Steve Mitskavitch for an evening of connecting to Spirit through

the beat of the drums.  We have a few drums available but if you have them, bring

them along!   Some instruction is provided.


Outdoor Service and Animal Blessing

Sunday, May 21st      11am

We will be holding our service at Orchard Hills Lodge, part of the Geauga Park District, at

11340 Caves Rd in Chesterland.  All pets are welcome to attend and must be leashed per park 

regulations.  Our speaker that day will be Doris Straka, local Animal Communicator.  Rev Jenni

will be performing a general Blessing of the Animals during service and after services there 

will be communicators and healers available for private sessions for your pets.


Psychic Dinner

Saturday, June 17th        Noon - 6pm

$65-- Your ticket entitles you to FOUR 15-min readings from some of the best

local mediums and a delicious hot meal!  A $90 value!

Grab your friends and make your plans for a fun day in the country.  

Only 15 tickets per time slot will be sold.

Time slots available are noon-3pm or 3-6pm

You may use your ticket anytime within the alloted hours

 Tickets can ONLY be purchased online here or

by contacted Rev Jenni Vinecourt at 440-832-0911

​Ticket for noon-3pm slot                                                 Ticket for 3-6pm slot



Proceeds will benefit The Church of the Angels

Remember --- you MUST contact Rev Jenni or purchase your tickets online

here to ensure your reservation.  Thank you!


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New Opportunities!

Rev Kim Leverton - Reverend Kim Leverton is a peace walker, an ordained Buddhist prison chaplain, an Ordained Interspiritual and Interfaith minister and a Faith-Healer.  Author of My Divine Self: A Simple Way of Unveiling One's Own Wisdom.  Rev Kim grew up in a military family; she supports all those who serve and their families. Through this experience of knowing whether a loved one could be killed or maimed in war brought her to the understanding that there has to be a better way and that world peace is achievable.  Rev. Kim has a strong meditation and contemplation practice, and is experienced in working with trauma survivors, the homeless and in prison ministry.   Along with her Peace Walks, her meditation and contemplation practice she expresses her ministry through Street Retreats. A Street Retreat is when Rev. Kim lives on the street as homeless with those who are without homes. This enables her to minister directly to one who stands before her. Not wanting to occupy a bed at a homeless shelter Rev. Kim sleeps outside in a sleeping bag.   Rev Kim did a Peace WalK in the spring of 2011 from Altanta, Ga to Washington DC., and does Street Retreats in Cleveland. 

Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has followed a lifetime interest in metaphysics.  After years of using her clairvoyant gifts reading for, and counseling clients, Jenni felt a desire to further her studies and better understand if her gifts were a true calling and enrolled in Fellowships of the Spirit ~ The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY, graduating in 1999.  She holds dual ordination papers from both Fellowships of the Spirit and The Church of the Angels.   Rev. Jenni shares her love, gifts of mediumship and spiritual healing, by serving as lead pastor at the church and by lecturing, facilitating development circles, and hosting experiential workshops throughout the year. Rev. Jenni works privately and with groups; however, her truest joy comes from serving Spirit and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual connection to positively affect their lives.

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968