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The Church of the Angels

Ralph Stevens - Ralph Stevens is a seeker of spiritual wisdom from those who are heart-centered, and those who are in service to others.  He has been involved within the spiritual community for almost thirty years as a teacher, healer, and student.  Presently, He is teaching Oneness as channeled through Rasha who resides in South India.  Of all the books read over the years, none stands out more clearly than Oneness as a guidebook to ascension.  Ralph tries to stay up to date with other teachers throughout the world who are writing and speaking in a quantum reality that relates to the changing human.  He is writing a book that deals with the new energy and his personal experiences which are definitely outside the box.  Ralph believes we have to think outside three dimensions, simply because of the new energies filtering through the earth at this time.  His passion is Oneness and the human race.  In the past, he has lectured at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, taught Oneness at The Rishis Institute of metaphysics, and lectured years ago at the Church of The Angels.

Matthew Stewart - Matthew Stewart is a young intuitive and a practitioner of Andean shamanism and tarot. He has a degree in computer science and statistics from Cleveland State University. At 25 years old, Matthew often finds himself as the youngest in most spiritual communities. Matthew has struggled in his life to find hope and meaning, enduring many traumas that brought him onto the path he is on now. He dabbled in magick, sorcery, and has tried nearly everything to overcome his psychological and emotional demons. He believes he has finally found the answer and wishes to share that with you


Rev Andrea Zwegat - Rev Andrea is an ordained minister of The Church of the Angels, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Advanced EFT Practitioner and an Inverse Wave Practitioner.  She has volunteered as facilitator, speaker, teacher and past and current board member for the church.  Rev Andrea loves to share her knowledge and experience with all who care to listen.

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Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has followed a lifetime interest in metaphysics. After years of using her clairvoyant gifts reading for, and counseling clients, Jenni felt a desire to further her studies and better understand if her gifts were a true calling. In 1999, The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. ordained Rev. Jenni Vinecourt, a Spiritualist minister and healer.  She also holds ordination papers from The Church of the Angels and currently holds the position of Pastor.  Rev. Jenni shares her love, gifts of mediumship and spiritual healing, by serving as pastor and by lecturing, facilitating development circles, and hosting experiential workshops throughout the year. Rev. Jenni works privately and with groups; however, her truest joy comes from serving Spirit and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual connection to positively affect their lives.  She lives happily with her husband and animals on a small homestead in Burton.


Robert Schwartz - Rob Schwartz is a hypnotist who offers Between Lives Soul Regressions to help people heal and understand their life plan. His first book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, explores the pre-birth planning of physical illness, having disabled children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, the death of a loved one, and accidents. His second book Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born explores the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage, abortion, caregiving, sexuality, suicide, adoption, poverty, mental illness, and other life challenges and experiences. Visit Rob online at www.yoursoulsplan.com or write to him directly atrob.schwartz@yoursoulsplan.com.

Rev Renee Roth - Rev Rene'e Roth holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, has been an advertising executive and is now self employed in the apartment management field.  She became ordained in 2017  through the Church of the Angels and is currently on the board. Rene'e is trained in Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Crystal Healing. She is also trained to be a Oneness Blessing Giver which is also known as receiving Deeksha. Rene'e also practices mediumship and is  an artist who paints, writes poetry,  plays  guitar and a little piano. Being adopted into into an orthodox jewish family at birth, spirituality was a way of life for her. Since she was a teenager she has been reading  books about life after death and metaphysics. Rene'e is on the life long discovery of who she is and what we as humans are capable of in terms of our abilities to manipulate our energy through focused intention for personal and worldly expansion and Healing. She feels, respects and believes we are a One Universal Soul living out our different experiences.

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Joie Wantz - Joie was born and lived in Cleveland until the age of fourteen. She then moved to Eastlake and where she graduated from Eastlake North High School. As a youngster Joie spent many weeks of Summer vacations on a farm in Chardon Twp, where her love of country life and nature began. She now lives on ten acres in Montville Twp with her horse, two dogs and six cats and any other animals who show up.  Most of Joie’s working years were for Ohio Bell Telephone Company. She started as a Long Lines Operator and retired as A Facilities Design Engineer. Highlights of that life were, riding in the bed of a pickup truck in the Morton Salt Mines, checking phones lines for damage. Another was working with The US Secret Service to provide phone private phone lines for them, when George Bush Sr. came to Lake County.  She has taken so many classes over the years, but horseback riding would change her life. Joie bought her first horse at age 46 and discovered a true connection with that horse and nature.  Becoming a Hospice Volunteer and a riding accident would help reveal the spiritual path she was on. Once revealed, Joie wanted more and two years ago found The Church Of The Angels. Soon after I became a student of Rev Jenni's Spirit Communication I and II and found a passion helping others to heal, through message work. Joie is looking forward to continue working with Spirit as her path unfolds.

Mar 3 ~  Spirit Message Service
Mar 10 ~ Ralph Stevens

Mar 17 ~ Rev Andrea Zwegat

Mar 24 ~ Matthew Stewart

Mar 31 ~ Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Sunday Service Speakers -- Apr

Apr 7 ~ Spirit Message Service

Apr 14 ~ Robert Schwartz 

Apr 21 ~ Easter - Rev Renee Roth

Apr 28 ~ Joie Wantz

Sunday Service Speakers -- Mar




Sunday, Mar 24      1:30-3pm       Suggested Donation of $20 

Who Are We?   We Are All Divine Creators with the Energy of God Guiding Us.  We Are One! 

Join facilitator Ralph Stevens as we delve into these truths.  All proceeds will benefit the church.

All opinions of those who teach at the church are those of the facilitators unless the event is specifically church sponsored.


Platform Practice

Sunday, Mar 31     1:30-2:30     Love Donations

Join in a safe environment to learn about and practice your connection with Spirit and giving 

messages in a group setting.


Ascended Masters Channeling

Sunday, Apr 7       1:30 - 3:30pm         Suggested Donation $35

Rev Andrea brings in the Ascended Masters for insight and inspiration to help you on your journey

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators unless the event is specifically church sponsored.


Spirit Message Fair

Saturday, Apr 13      10am-4pm       Free Admission

Local Mediums and Vendors on hand to make your day!   Book Sale too! 

Readings are 20 min for $20.    Last reading at 3:30pm


Platform Practice

Sunday, Apr 28     1:30-2:30     Love Donations

Join in a safe environment to learn about and practice your connection with Spirit and

giving messages in a group setting.


Advanced Mediumship Techniques

Sunday, Apr 28    1:30-3pm       $20

Rev Ann Bartlett will share expanded mediumship techniques used for the enhancement

and depth of public and private message work.


Ethics in Your Ministry

Tuesday, Apr 30      7-9pm        $25

Join Rev Jenni VInecourt as we explore how to stay grounded in our humanity while living up

to our ethical responsibility as a minister of the church.

As part of the Minister Enhancement Series, a certificate of completion will be given.

A minimum of 4 participants are needed to hold the class


Happy Anniversary

Sunday, May 5       11am Service & Fellowship

Come and help us celebrate 24 years of being one of the grounding roots of Spiritualism in the area.


Tea Leaf Reading Workshop

​Saturday, May 11     2-4pm        $25 presale tickets

Bring Mom or a friend or come by yourself and enjoy fresh tea and snacks

while learning how to read the leaves. 

See what is in store for you!  Only 26 seats available!

Get your tickets by contacting Rev Vicki R Jones     216-952-0899


Platform Practice

Sunday, May 19       1:30-2:30pm        Love Donations

Join in a safe environment to learn about and practice your connection with Spirit and

giving messages in a group setting.



Saturday, May 25        1:30-4:30pm         $35

Explore and Experience this Ancient Spiritual Tool.  

A minimum of 4 participants are needed to hold the class

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators unless the event is specifically church sponsored.



Please see us on Meetup.com for more details!

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.