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Rev Andrea Zwegat - Rev Andrea is an ordained minister of The Church of the Angels, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Advanced EFT Practitioner and an Inverse Wave Practitioner.  She has volunteered as facilitator, speaker, teacher and past and current board member for the church.  Rev Andrea loves to share her knowledge and experience with all who care to listen.

Falcon Dana - I just want to start off by saying I hate bios! I feel like they rarely capture the person or the presentation. With that said, I have taken classes, workshops and have degrees in many things, such as; Practicing Radical Honesty (Dr. Brad Blanton), the landmark Forum, Health Kinesiology (working with the bodies meridian systems), From Panic to Power (Lucinda Basset), exercise science, personal training, wellness coaching, psychology etc.   My interests include, teaching others how to be aware of their bodies energy pathways and how this relates to spirit, Buddhism, Meditation, Qigong, learning Lakota, working with the elderly and singing. 

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Mar 4 ~  Spirit Message Service
Mar 11 ~ Rev Andrea Zwegat

Mar 18 ~ Rev Mark Zore

Mar 25 ~ Falcon Dana

Sunday Service Speakers -- Mar

Apr 1 ~ Spirit Message Service

Apr 8 ~ Rev Renee Roth

Apr 15 ~Rev Andrea Zwegat

Apr 22 ~ Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Apr 29 ~ Batya Weinbaum

Sunday Service Speakers -- Apr


Ceremonies for Ministers

Sat, Mar 24th     10am - 5pm

$55 for members ~ $75 for non-members

Part 1 - 10am - 12:30pm ~~  Legalities and basics of performing weddings, 

renewals and commitment ceremonies.

Part 11 - 2:30pm - 5pm ~~ Basics of performing baptisms, baby namings,

funerals and memorials

This is a church sponsored event


Ethics in Your Ministry

Sun, Mar 25th      1:30-3:30pm       $20

Join Rev Jenni Vinecourt as we explore how to stay grounded in our humanity
while living up to our ethical responsibility as a minister of the church.
As part of the Minister Enhancement Series, a certificate of completion will be provided.

A minimum of 4 participants are needed to hold the class

This is a church sponsored event


Spirit Message Fair

Sat, Apr 14       10am-4pm     Free Admission

Love Offerings are Welcomed

Come Share the Gifts of Spirit with us!!

Readings from well-known local Mediums are $20 for 20 minutes.  (Last appointment is at 3:30pm)

And visit our Holistic Market Place with offerings of Essential Oils, Bead Work, Art, Crystals and More!

We will also have our Used Book Sale where you will find books, CDs and DVDs of a Spiritual nature.

This is a church sponsored event and proceeds benefit the church


Road Trip to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sat, Apr 28th     10:30am

We will meet at the church at 10:30am and carpool out to the Servants of Mary Center

for Peace in Windsor, OH.  (about 30 min drive) -- or you can meet us there around 11am.

Onsite you will find the world's tallest Our Lady of Guadalupe statue as well as a gift shop, 

and the peace, solitude and sacredness of the grounds.

Please let Rev Jenni know if you are planning to attend.  This is a church sponsored event.


Platform Practice

Sun, Apr 29th     1-2pm       Free of Charge

Join one of our mediums in a safe place to practice your skills at message

giving in a service or public setting.

This is a church sponsored event


Ascended Masters and the Next Generation

Sun, May 6       1:30-3pm      $35
Monthly on first Sundays

Join Rev Andrea as the Ascended Masters bring new information to inspire, instruct and stimulate 
growth on the spiritual path.  We will meet each first Sunday of the month.  Over the next 
11 months, discussions will focus around what is needed to understand and foster the brilliance 
of the current and new change makers from a practical and spiritual perspective.  Such discussions 
will include attributes of the change makers, a changing educational system, a new economy,
health care systems, the energy of medicines (traditional and non-traditional), relationships, 
the environment and politics.  There will be a question and answer session as well. 

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the 
facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.


Connecting with the Goddess

Sat, May 12th     11-3pm      $40

Renew your connection to the Divine Feminine. This experiential workshop is designed to illuminate the Goddess within you and expand your personal relationship with the God/Goddess/All That Is.

The workshop will include..
- Discussion on some of the more common forms of the Goddess 
- Chanting to raise the energy vibration
- Why the Feminine face of God is important in our lives 
- Meditations to communicate directly to the Goddess energy
- Exercises to deepen your experience of the Goddess 


Contact Rev Jenni Vinecourt for more information and/or to register. 440-832-0911

“I look forward to meeting and working with you to honor that place within you that is Divine. We may laugh or cry. We may sit in silence or sing. But whatever we do we will do it together and with the love of the Goddess.”

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the 
facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.


The History of Spiritualism

Sat, May 19th      2-4pm         $25

​Rev Barb Saiter facilitates this wonderful workshop on the history of Spiritualism,

how it all started, how we got to now and who made it happen.

​This workshop is part of the Minister Enhancement Series yet is open to the public.

A minimum of 4 participants is required to hold the class.


Platform Practice

Sun, May 20th     1-2pm       Free of Charge

Join one of our mediums in a safe place to practice your skills at message
giving in a service or public setting.

This is a church sponsored event


​Bonfire and Potluck

Thurs, June 21st       6-9pm

Join with us to celebrate the first day of summer with a bonfire and good fellowship.  

Please bring a dish to pass and your good thoughts and intentions.

Event will be held in Burton - Please inquire for details


Advanced Mediumship Techniques

Sun, June 24th       2-4pm        $25

Rev Ann Bartlett will share expanded mediumship techniques used for the enhancement

and depth of public and private message work

This class is part of the Minister Enhancement Series and is open to the public.

A minimum of 4 participants is needed to hold the class.​

Please see us on for more details!

Rev Mark Zore - Mark was born in Mayfield, raised in Munson and now resides in Burton with his cat.  He works as an automotive mechanic and in the past Mark has been a motorcycle mechanic, a pizza delivery driver and tried his hand at roofing.   Mark is most thankful for his spirituality.  He says that to be a spiritual person is a way of life and he is most grateful for being introduced to it.  He enjoys Native American sweat lodges and loves all kinds of fishing and spending time outdoors in all seasons.   Mark first came to The Church of the Angels in the fall of 2008.  He had an experience with a message from a childhood friend who had passed away that came through Mark’s aunt.  She told him about the church and when she finally convinced him to visit, he loved it.  Up till then, the only church he knew was of the Catholic faith.   Mark continues to come to the church because of the people and the wide variety of speaker and opportunities to serve.  He was ordained as a minister of the church in April of last year. 

Speaker Bios

Batya Weinbaum - Batya Weinbaum has worked as a medium since the eighties and trained at Lilydale in message passing as well as in full trance work. As always she is working on many projects, including How I Became a Mystic: A Memoir; Feminina Sube, a fertility goddess art installation project on Isla Mujeres, MX and Handmaids Gate in Floyd VA where she is constructing a nature preserve and Ancient Winged Hittite Goddess Temple.She got her doctorate at UMass Amherst, taught at Cleveland State, East Carolina University, Pacific Graduate Institute, and Union Theological Seminary among other places. She operates a Transformational Arts booth at numerous gatherings and festivals. She is currently revising her field work on Isla Mujeres, for a second edition: Islands of Women and Amazons: Representations and Realities. She has been teaching online for nine years, and has published two books about palmistry, Opening Palms and On the Palmist Road based on her five year column on palmistry at the Santa Barbara Independent. She also leads goddess tours to India and edits and published the journal Femspec. She offers writing retreats in Jan. on Isla Mujeres and publishes a magazine of the work produced there, IxChel Press. 


of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968

The Church of the Angels

Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has followed a lifetime interest in metaphysics.  After years of using her clairvoyant gifts reading for, and counseling clients, Jenni felt a desire to further her studies and better understand if her gifts were a true calling and enrolled in Fellowships of the Spirit ~ The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY, graduating in 1999.  She holds dual ordination papers from both Fellowships of the Spirit and The Church of the Angels.   Rev. Jenni shares her love, gifts of mediumship and spiritual healing, by serving as lead pastor at the church and by lecturing, facilitating development circles, and hosting experiential workshops throughout the year. Rev. Jenni works privately and with groups; however, her truest joy comes from serving Spirit and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual connection to positively affect their lives.