Rev Tim Brainard - Rev. Tim Brainard is an ordained minister and has been doing readings for over forty years.  At the age of three, he began to train and work with his grandmother, who was a visiting medium at Lily Dale Assembly in New York.   Through the years, Tim has contacted many who have crossed over including Spirit Guides, Teacher/Masters, and Light Beings. Through them, he has brought the message to thousands that “there is no death.”


Rev Renee Roth - Rev Rene'e Roth holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, has been an advertising executive and is now self employed in the apartment management field.  She became ordained in 2017  through the Church of the Angels and is currently on the board. Rene'e is trained in Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Crystal Healing. She is also trained to be a Oneness Blessing Giver which is also known as receiving Deeksha. Rene'e also practices mediumship and is  an artist who paints, writes poetry,  plays  guitar and a little piano. Being adopted into into an orthodox jewish family at birth, spirituality was a way of life for her. Since she was a teenager she has been reading  books about life after death and metaphysics. Rene'e is on the life long discovery of who she is and what we as humans are capable of in terms of our abilities to manipulate our energy through focused intention for personal and worldly expansion and Healing. She feels, respects and believes we are a One Universal Soul living out our different experiences.

Jun 2 ~ Spirit Message Service

Jun 9 ~ Shannon Williams

Jun 16 ~ Rev Renee Roth

Jun 23 ~ Rev Bobi Surmik

Jun 30 ~ Tony Belsito

Sunday Service Speakers -- Jun

Rev Cindy Hudson - Rev Cindy was ordained by Fellowships of the Spirit in 2002.  She has been involved with The Church of the Angels since 1999 and she has accepted a leadership role within the church for most of those years.  Cindy works as an occupational therapist and currently supports other therapists as a compliance director for her company.  Her passions include this church, her family, nature and her dog.

Speaker Bios


Tony Belsito - Tony Belsito is the founder of the 10-year young, Ohio based, Archangel Paranormal Society. APS’s team of 30 volunteers, helps clients by providing insight into unexplained anomalous activities they are experiencing. We believe the antidote to darkness is prayers, so we teach the prayers needed to keep darkness away and perform a house blessing and cleansing – all free of charge.   He is married to Lynn, has 6 children and 13 grandchildren. Tony had 30 years in pharmaceutical sales management and now is semi-retired retired, working part-time for a local PD, and perform security for a local high school. He is soon to be an author of a book on the Paranormal which will also act as a reference for those in need of help  

Sunday Service Speakers -- May

The Church of the Angels

Shannon Williams - Shannon Williams: is a practicing Intuitive, Medium, Healer who has a love for Psychology, Parapsychology, Quantum Physics, Music Composition, Epic Poetry, Creative Writing and a love of Dance. She was born and raised on a 50 Acre Farm in Granger Township and Lakewood, OH. Her second home is Colorado where she earned and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in which she has practiced for 20+ yrs in specialties such as ICU and Hospice and now as a Community Health Care Manager. Her spirituality has roots of religion in early childhood with Catholicism, then Christianity, Native American Indian, Buddhism/Asian and Spiritualist. As a teenager, Shannon attended the Memorial Spiritualist Church in Euclid, OH, under Pastor Karen Hill, for many yrs. Shannon had embraced and was active in practicing her intuitive abilities at an early age throughout a very unconditional, at times traumatic childhood. Spirituality and the Arts were her expressive therapeutic outlet through her childhood and early adulthood development in understanding this multi-faceted world around us we all live in.



Discovering Your Past Lives

Sunday, May 19          1:30-3:30pm            $40

Come join us for a meditative Experience exploring your sub-conscious to access your Past Lives!! 

Meditation Presenter Rev Carol Presley-Wood

Please bring a blanket or pillow if you prefer to lay down. For info: 216-798-8211

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators unless the event is specifically church sponsored.



Saturday, May 25        1:30-4:30pm         $35

Explore and Experience this Ancient Spiritual Tool.  

A minimum of 4 participants are needed to hold the class

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators unless the event is specifically church sponsored.


Ascended Masters Channeling

Sunday, June 2        1:30-3pm           $35

Rev Andrea brings information and wisdom from the Ascended Masters

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators unless the event is specifically church sponsored.


Trip to Our Lady of Guadalupe


Saturday, June 8        10:30am - ?

We will meet at the church at 10:30am and carpool to the Servants of Mary

Center for Peace in Windsor, OH 


Solstice Fire and Potluck

Friday, June 21         6-10pm

Bring a dish to pass and your intentions for the fire to Rev Jenni's place.  Fellowship,

Food and Fun as we celebrate the turning of the wheel.


Advanced Mediumship Techniques

Sunday, June 23    1-3pm        $20

Rev Ann Bartlett will share expanded mediumship techniques used for the

enhancement and depth of public and private message work.

Some prior study or development circle work of 6 months to a year is a prerequisite.


Trunk Sale

Saturday, July 13          7am-2pm

Held in the Church rear parking lot rain or shine.  Come to sell or come to shop!

Vendor contracts available by contacting 

The Church will also have Animal Blessings available that day!


A Summer Evening of Spirit & Song

 Saturday, July 20         6:30-9:30pm          $25


to prepare for gallery style readings.  Light refreshments will be available 

and Everyone will receive a message!



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All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.

Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has followed a lifetime interest in metaphysics. After years of using her clairvoyant gifts reading for, and counseling clients, Jenni felt a desire to further her studies and better understand if her gifts were a true calling. In 1999, The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. ordained Rev. Jenni Vinecourt, a Spiritualist minister and healer.  She also holds ordination papers from The Church of the Angels and currently holds the position of Pastor.  Rev. Jenni shares her love, gifts of mediumship and spiritual healing, by serving as pastor and by lecturing, facilitating development circles, and hosting experiential workshops throughout the year. Rev. Jenni works privately and with groups; however, her truest joy comes from serving Spirit and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual connection to positively affect their lives.  She lives happily with her husband and animals on a small homestead in Burton.

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May 5 ~  Spirit Message Service
May 12 ~ Rev Jenni Vinecourt

May 19 ~ Rev Cindy Hudson

May 26 ~ Rev Tim Brainard

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968

Rev Bobi Surmik - Rev Bobi is a Registered Nurse and Certified Somatic Therapist. She has extensive experience as an intuitive healer.  She utilizes many different modalities to achieve the balance of body, mind and soul.