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Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has followed a lifetime interest in metaphysics. After years of using her clairvoyant gifts reading for, and counseling clients, Jenni felt a desire to further her studies and better understand if her gifts were a true calling. In 1999, The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. ordained Rev. Jenni Vinecourt, a Spiritualist minister and healer.  She also holds ordination papers from The Church of the Angels and currently holds the position of Pastor.  Rev. Jenni shares her love, gifts of mediumship and spiritual healing, by serving as lead pastor at The Church of the Angels in Chesterland, OH, and by lecturing, facilitating development circles, and hosting experiential workshops throughout the year. Rev. Jenni works privately and with groups; however, her truest joy comes from serving Spirit and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual connection to positively affect their lives.  She lives happily with her husband and animals on a small homestead in Burton.

Rev Pat Gates - After pursuing a career for many years in retail and the technical world, Reverend Pat Gates left it behind to pursue a life anchored in spiritual endeavors.  During the late 1990s, Rev. Pat took her Reiki training and began volunteering at a local Reiki clinic. In this setting, her interest in healing through energy work and bodywork came alive. She began taking additional classes in both spirituality and bodywork. She also began to attend the spiritualist church founded by Rev. Walt and Rev. Shanna —now known as the Church of the Angels — and became an active member of the church, serving as treasurer, co-president of the Board, and spiritual healer.  She studied intensively with Rev. Walt and Rev. Shanna, taking every class they offered. She also attended a monthly development circle and took a series of courses in advanced mediumship, both led by Rev. Shanna.  Rev. Pat was ordained in October 2015 as a minister of the Church of the Angels. She continues her studies in spirituality and bodywork, and serves as an active spiritual healer during services. She is also once again a member of the Church Board.

Dec 2 ~ Spirit Message Service

Dec 9 ~ Fran Dittrich

Dec 16 ~ Rev Renee Roth

Dec 23 ~ Bee Becvar

Dec 25 ~ Christmas Service

​Dec 30 ~ Rev Pat Gates/Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Sunday Service Speakers -- Nov

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968


Rev Renee Roth - Rev Rene'e Roth holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, has been an advertising executive and is now self employed in the apartment management field.  She became ordained in 2017  through the Church of the Angels and is currently on the board. Rene'e is trained in Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Pranic Crystal Healing. She is also trained to be a Oneness Blessing Giver which is also known as receiving Deeksha. Rene'e also practices mediumship and is  an artist who paints, writes poetry,  plays  guitar and a little piano. Being adopted into into an orthodox jewish family at birth, spirituality was a way of life for her. Since she was a teenager she has been reading  books about life after death and metaphysics. Rene'e is on the life long discovery of who she is and what we as humans are capable of in terms of our abilities to manipulate our energy through focused intention for personal and worldly expansion and Healing. She feels, respects and believes we are a One Universal Soul living out our different experiences.

Matthew Stewart - Matthew Stewart is a young intuitive and a practitioner of Andean shamanism and tarot. He has a degree in computer science and statistics from Cleveland State University. At 25 years old, Matthew often finds himself as the youngest in most spiritual communities. Matthew has struggled in his life to find hope and meaning, enduring many traumas that brought him onto the path he is on now. He dabbled in magick, sorcery, and has tried nearly everything to overcome his psychological and emotional demons. He believes he has finally found the answer and wishes to share that with you

Nov 4 ~  Spirit Message Service
Nov 11 ~ Annual Meeting & Elections

Nov 18 ~ Matthew Stewart

Nov 25 ~ Cassandra Steele

Sunday Service Speakers -- Dec

The Church of the Angels

Cassandra Steele - Cassandra Steele was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She is now a recent resident of Cleveland Heights Ohio. Cassandra is a Wife, Mother of 4 successful Children and two wonderful Grandkids. Cassandra Majored in electro-neurophysiology. She has a background in Epilepsy, Biological psychiatry, Brain mapping, Sleep disorders and surgical monitoring. Cassandra is a former CEO of Sandy Senior Solutions and the inventor of Sprinters underwear. Born with a caul, also known as a veil... Cassandra realized recently that her calling is a Spiritual reader, and Spiritual artist. 

Speaker Bios

Barbara Becvar - Bee Becvar grew up in this area and after years of wandering, found her way to The Church of the Angels in May of 2012.  When she discovered the church, she felt she had found a home.   Bee is a talented artist and writer and loves to share her creativity with friends.  She is also involved with the local NAMI group (National Alliance on Mental Illness).  Bee continues her Spiritual Journey by always reading, learning and attending several groups and workshops.  She is a student Medium and most Sundays she works to serve Spirit as an agent of healing. 


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Fran Dittrich - Fran Dittrich gains her intuition and knowledge from practicing the art of living life to the fullest.  She studies many different spiritual practices, and loves to learn about anything involved in the beliefs and practices of spiritualism.  She is still developing her healing and mediumship.  Fran lives a busy life.  She is one of eight siblings – all living, but in varied states of disrepair.  She held every volunteer position that a school could have when her sons were in school, and volunteered as both secretary and treasurer for The Church of the Angels.  She considers her greatest characteristic is that of a loving mother, granny, sister and friend.  Fran shares her insights with attempted humor and humility, as she does not claim to be an expert at anything, but is rather a perpetual student of everything. 


Discovering Your Past Lives

Sunday, Nov 4          1:30-3:30pm          $40

Join Rev Carol Wood for a meditative experience exploring your sub-consciousness.
to access your past lives.  Discovering your past lives can aid in healing and explain 
habits and fears.  In 30 minutes you can experience answers to hidden questions.

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators
unless the event is specifically church sponsored.


Crystal Grids

Sunday, Nov 18          1:30-3:30pm       Love Donation

Vicki the Crystal Lady presents Crystal Grids.  Come and learn the power of crystal

grids.  Bring your own crystals to work with. 

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators
unless the event is specifically church sponsored. 


Platform Practice

Sunday, Nov 18        1:30-2:30pm         No Charge

Come together to practice your message skills in a small and safe environment with Rev Andrea. 

All levels of study are welcome.  


QiGong / Tai Chi

Wednesday, Nov 7 & 28      6:30-7:30pm         Love Donation

Wednesday, Dec 5 & 19          6:30-7:30pm          Love Donation

Join with Rev Pat Gates to experience an hour dedicated to this Chinese modality consisting 
of movement, meditation and martial arts for health.

Love donations are accepted.  This is a church sponsored event.


Ascended Masters Channeling

Sunday, Dec 2        1:30-3:00           $30

Rev Andrea connects to bring you current information relevant to our journey


Introduction to Working with the Violet Flame

Sunday, Dec16       1:30-3:30pm         $20

 In this workshop you will learn how to use the Violet Flame in everyday life to transform your physical, emotional and mental energy, to help others, and to purify a place of negativity.  Be prepared to be transformed into a higher reality!

RSVP is Appreciated – Call: 216-315-3200

A minimum of 2 participants are needed to hold the class.  

All opinions of those who rent space at the church are those of the facilitators
unless the event is specifically church sponsored.


New Years Eve ReBoot

Monday, Dec 31     6-8pm

Pork & Sauerkraut w/ Vegan Version as well
Snacks ~ Soft Drinks, Good Fun & Fellowship

6-7pm – we will share a burning bowl ceremony to give the new year a fresh start.

7-8pm – check in with local mediums for your 2019 adventures!    $10 per 10-min 



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All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.