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Rev Debra Vegh - Rev. Debra Vegh has been on a spiritual path all her life, but like most of us, was oblivious to it for a large portion of that time. Looking back, she is now able to recognize the many glimpses of God's glory and God's love. She is sincerely grateful that she is now able to see more clearly.

Rev Andrea Zwegat - Rev Andrea is an ordained minister of The Church of the Angels, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Advanced EFT Practitioner and an Inverse Wave Practitioner.  She has volunteered as facilitator, speaker, teacher and past and current board member for the church.  Rev Andrea loves to share her knowledge and experience with all who care to listen.

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Jul 7 ~  Spirit Message Service
Jul 14 ~ Rev Bobi Surmick

Jul 21 ~ Rev Andrea Zwegat

Jul 28 ~ Rev Debra Vegh

Sunday Service Speakers -- July

Aug 4 ~ Spirit Message Service


                 Angie Salisbury/Iris Matos 

Aug 18 ~ Ed Laylin

Aug 25 ~ Sumica Williams

Sunday Service Speakers -- Aug


Speaker Bios


Edward Laylin - Bio Healing has been a priority since a farm accident changed my world when I was a child. An active  prayer life expanded into a continuous healing focus 20+ years ago when we started the Healing Circle at the Church of the Covenant. Soon after that I became a Reiki Master. Including techniques from Chinese, Japanese and Native American disciplines has expanded my understanding of how to heal more effectively and what is being healed.  The past few years I have been involved in helping established professional healers and teaching beginners how to develop their gifts. My current goal is getting self-healing into as many Northeast Ohio homes as possible as quickly as possible.

Angie Salisbury - Angie is a professional business writer, bestselling author, Reiki practitioner and obsessed dog mom living in Stow with her husband and German Shorthaired Pointer named Minnie. Her spiritual journey began out of a place of grief in 2016 when I lost one of my beloved dogs, but she kept coming to visit me. When her brother followed 3 months later and also came to visit, Angie knew she had to do everything she could to continue her relationship with them and learn how to recognize when they were with her or sending her a quick “Hello.”  Little did she know that would lead to chats with her grandparents and encounters with countless spirit and animal guides that are helping her along this amazing journey. Angie’s dogs really did start her spiritual journey. Her learning continues, her listening continues, her discovery continues and through it all, the connection to Spirit strengthens.

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968

The Church of the Angels

Rev Bobi Surmik - Rev Bobi is a Registered Nurse and Certified Somatic Therapist. She has extensive experience as an intuitive healer.  She utilizes many different modalities to achieve the balance of body, mind and soul.

Iris Matos - Iris has always been intuitive, and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life. In August 2009, however, she began developing her insights in earnest. Since then she has studied Spiritual and Psychic Development, Animal Communication and a variety of other topics (i.e. crystals, tarot, astrology). Currently, she specializes in animal communication and healing. She has also attained certification as a Reiki Practitioner, and is an ordained minister.



A Summer Evening of Spirit & Song

 Saturday, July 20         6:30-9:30pm          $25


to prepare for gallery style readings.  Light refreshments will be available 

and Everyone will receive a message!


Advanced Mediumship Techniques ~ Practice

Sunday, July 21        1- 3pm       $20

Come together with Rev Ann Bartlett to practice the techniques you have been learning.  

A prerequiste of at least 1 year of development is needed to take the class.


Releasing & Letting Go

Sunday, July 28    1:30 - 2:15pm      Love Donation

Burning Bowl Workshop and Ceremony with Rev Debra Vegh.  All proceeds will

benefit the church. 

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless it is a church sponsored event.


Acsended Masters with Rev Andrea

Sunday, Aug 4       1:30-3:30pm     $40

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless it is a church sponsored event.


Outdoor Service - Animal Blessing & Potluck

Sunday, Aug 11    11am - 2pm

We will have our church services at Orchard Hills Park in Chesterland with an

Animal Blessing included and Potluck to follow.  All pets are welcome and must be

leashed to comply with park rules.  


Discovering Your Past Lives

​Sunday, Aug 18       1:30-3:30pm          $40

Rev Carol Wood facilitates this wonderful session to learn more about your 

own past lives and how they can help you in the present.

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless it is a church sponsored event.



Please see us on for more details!

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.