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Angie Salisbury - Angie is a professional business writer, bestselling author, Reiki practitioner and obsessed dog mom living in Stow with her husband and German Shorthaired Pointer named Minnie. Her spiritual journey began out of a place of grief in 2016 when I lost one of my beloved dogs, but she kept coming to visit me. When her brother followed 3 months later and also came to visit, Angie knew she had to do everything she could to continue her relationship with them and learn how to recognize when they were with her or sending her a quick “Hello.”  Little did she know that would lead to chats with her grandparents and encounters with countless spirit and animal guides that are helping her along this amazing journey. Angie’s dogs really did start her spiritual journey. Her learning continues, her listening continues, her discovery continues and through it all, the connection to Spirit strengthens.

Sep 1 ~  Spirit Message Service

                  Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Sep 15 ~ Debi Mayo


                      & ORDINATION

                 Rev Jenni Vinecourt

Sep 29 ~ Patrice Shawhan

Sunday Service Speakers -- Sept

Aug 4 ~ Spirit Message Service


                 Angie Salisbury/Iris Matos 

Aug 18 ~ Ed Laylin

Aug 25 ~ Sumica Williams

Sunday Service Speakers -- Aug

Edward Laylin - Bio Healing has been a priority since a farm accident changed my world when I was a child. An active  prayer life expanded into a continuous healing focus 20+ years ago when we started the Healing Circle at the Church of the Covenant. Soon after that I became a Reiki Master. Including techniques from Chinese, Japanese and Native American disciplines has expanded my understanding of how to heal more effectively and what is being healed.  The past few years I have been involved in helping established professional healers and teaching beginners how to develop their gifts. My current goal is getting self-healing into as many Northeast Ohio homes as possible as quickly as possible.



Personal Sessions with Joshua Inacio

Wednesday, Sept 4       9-5pm          $88 for 1 hour

Appointments are either for Sound & Vibrational Healing or Intuitive Reading.  To book your 

appointment, call Rev Jenni at 440-832-0911

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless it is a church sponsored event.


Sound Alchemy & Your Divine Blueprint

Wednesday, Sept 4    7-8:30pm        $25

All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless it is a church sponsored event.


Advanced Mediumship Techniques

​Sunday, Sept 15         1-3pm           $20

Rev Ann Bartlett will share expanded mediumship techniques used for the enhancement

and depth of public and private message work.  At least 1 year of previous study is needed 

to participate in this class


Platform Practice

Sunday, Sept 29         1-2         Donations Accepted

Practice gallery style readings in a small and safe setting with one of our minister mediums



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All opinions of those who rent space at The Church of the Angels are those of the facilitators unless event is specifically a church event.

Speaker Bios

Iris Matos - Iris has always been intuitive, and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life. In August 2009, however, she began developing her insights in earnest. Since then she has studied Spiritual and Psychic Development, Animal Communication and a variety of other topics (i.e. crystals, tarot, astrology). Currently, she specializes in animal communication and healing. She has also attained certification as a Reiki Practitioner, and is an ordained minister.


The Church of the Angels

Rev Jenni Vinecourt - Rev. Jenni Vinecourt has followed a lifetime interest in metaphysics. After years of using her clairvoyant gifts reading for, and counseling clients, Jenni felt a desire to further her studies and better understand if her gifts were a true calling. In 1999, The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. ordained Rev. Jenni Vinecourt, a Spiritualist minister and healer.  She also holds ordination papers from The Church of the Angels and currently holds the position of Pastor.  Rev. Jenni shares her love, gifts of mediumship and spiritual healing, by serving as pastor at The Church of the Angels in Chesterland, OH, and by lecturing, facilitating development circles, and hosting experiential workshops throughout the year. Rev. Jenni works privately and with groups; however, her truest joy comes from serving Spirit and teaching others to enhance their own spiritual connection to positively affect their lives.  She lives happily with her husband and animals on a small homestead in Burton.

Sumica Williams - Sumica has experienced some painful events throughout her childhood.  To cope with the emotional trauma of that, she became an addict when she was 16 years old.  It took her 26 years to decide that was not how she wanted to live her life.  Since then, Sumica has been an explorer in many areas in an attempt to heal, forgive and become the person that she wants to be.  In her journey, she has studied or participated in many different modalities of healing and spiritual paths.  
One of the places Sumica has found strength is in learning about Kuan Yin.


Patrice Shawhan - Patrice  is a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, and has a thriving business in Wickliffe, Ohio.  Using biofeedback to help manage pain and retrain stress patterns, she educates clients on crucial information about stress in their physical, social, emotional and spiritual lives.  Through biofeedback she empowers clients to manage and retrain their stress patterns to make lifestyle changes to support their overall health and wellbeing.  Patrice finds her own fun and stress relief in creating hand crafted functional pottery, jewelry and funky home accoutrements.  With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and formally trained as a metalsmith, she left the jewelry business after 25 years to pursue her sanity and became a potter, her second love.  She has taught classes at community centers, participated and placed in juried art shows, and is the owner of CrowStone Studio.  

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968

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