The Church of the Angels

 In honor of my parents, Sam and Renee Grasinger.  I was blessed to be your child and a member of the family that you made us.  I love my life because of the foundation you gave me.  I know you are with me always.

Fran Dittrich

To all of the people and beautiful animals who have blessed my life and now transitioned...Thank you! 

Rev Cindy Hudson

Please make a donation in any amount and then using the submission form at right, send a few words and a photo if you choose so that we can post them here for all to see.

"Infinite Spirit, Mother Father God, thank you for the Blessings you have given to us all.  May we live in beauty and gratitude as we honor ourselves, our loved ones, and all of creation.  Lift up our hearts and may those honored here always feel  the warmth, love and continued blessings of all those who view them and the unconditional love of Spirit" 

In honor of my husband and children.  You are the center of my universe and I feel blessed every day because of you.  The Dittrich family rocks! 

Fran Dittrich

Honor & Gratitude!

The Church of the Angels would like to offer this page to the public to honor, memorialize and give thanks!  You may choose to make a donation to honor someone who is currently in your life or you may choose to make your donation in honor of someone who has made their journey to the next life.

You shed sunshine wherever you roamed. I salute you my dear child for your bravery to come forth into this world and make such a deep and loving impact to all the hearts you have touched with your smiles, laughter and your innocent Love. I miss you my Rachie Bear because I AM in physical and you are no longer but in Spirit our hearts share the song of Love every moment of my days...Astral Hugs and Peace...Your Mama 

In loving memory of Steve Speziale -- you were so instrumental in my life path.  Thank you!

​Rev Jenni

In honor and memory of my parents, Frank and Pat Malensek who are both continuing their journeys on the other side of life.

Rev Jenni

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