The time has come for you to

        claim your mission,

                know your truth and

                        find the way.

 Others have been waiting for the

        love and strength you will supply

                when you remember your truth.

 It’s time to find your mission and

        live your passion.

 You ask, “How do I find the way?”

 You ask, “What is my truth?”

 The truth is this –

        it remains unchanged through

                all there is:

                        When you decide to live your passion

                                you will find and reclaim

                                        your mission.​​

Submitted by Rev Jenni Vinecourt

A place to share the creative talent of our members working with Spirit through writings, artwork, photography, etc.  Please see the Submission Guidelines to see how your Creative Works can communicate with our congregation, our communities and our world.

  Marching to the new world

   We came here to help you

   To see a new way of doing things

   Marching to a new world

   To give up the old ways

   Ways that have held us back

   Marching to a new world

   We have faced pain

   Deep pain as we have

   Been crying in silence

   Marching to a new world

   No more will we be quiet

   No more will we be called crazy

   No more No more No more

   As we are all

   Marching to a new world.

Submitted by Rev Vicki R Jones

The Church of the Angels

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​​Focus on Joy

  Focus on joy,
   when it seems impossible to breathe.
   Focus on joy, 
   as sorrow seizes your heart.
   Focus on joy,
   while God calls your loved one Home.
   Focus on joy,
   when the darkness encompasses the Light.
   Focus on joy,
   while you whisper a tiny prayer.
   Focus on joy,
   as the illuminated cracks begin to appear.
   Focus on joy,
   until your vision clears.
   Focus on joy,
   as your heart expands.
   Focus on joy,
   until that is all that exists.
   Focus on joy,
   for JOY is all there is   🕊

Submitted by Rev Debra Vegh


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