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The Church of the Angels

12550 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland, OH, United States


Pastor -----------------------------------------------------
Board President  ---------------------------------------
Board Vice-President  --------------------------------
Board Treasurer  ----------------------------------------
Board Secretary -----------------------------------------
Board Trustee  -------------------------------------------
Board Trustee --------------------------------------------
Board Trustee  -------------------------------------------
Music Director  -------------------------------------------
Faciltator/Speaker Schedule ------------------------
​Healer/Medium Coordinator -------------------------
Development Circle Facilitators  ------------------
Meditation Circle Facilitator  ------------------------
Prayer Team Leader  ---------------------------------

Librarian -------------------------------------------------

​Platform Practice Facilitator -------------------------

Fundraising / Events -----------------------------------

Sunshine Coordinator --------------------------------- 

Join us this Sunday!

Rev Jenni Vinecourt
Rev Cindy Hudson
Rev Carol Wood
Ann Chaney
Carol Miller
Fran Dittrich
Kathy Gilway
Lydia Plescia
Rev Bobby Zebrowski
Rev Jenni Vinecourt
Rev Vicki R Jones
Rev Carol Wood / Rev Vicki Rae Jones

Various Leaders
Rev Joie Wantz

​Patrice Shawhan

​Rev Carol Zore Laurie

​Lydia Plescia

​Kathy Gilway

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The Church of the Angels

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968

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