Legal Matters for Ministers, Mediums & Healers

Sat, July 16th      10am-Noon     $25

Lawyer, Concetta Rogazione shares her wisdom so that we can better take

care of ourselves as we serve others in our work and our ministries.

"This class is for general information and educational purposed only and does not

constititute legal advice.  No attorney-client relationship is being created."

We need a minimum number of students to hold this class so please let Rev Jenni know 

if you will be attending   (440-830-0911)


Sat, Aug 20th         10am-Noon      $25

A class to assist ministers with the legalities and basics of performing

​weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.


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Rev. Cindy Hudson - Rev Cindy was ordained by Fellowships of the Spirit in 2002.  She has been involved with The Church of the Angels since 1999 and she has accepted a leadership role within the church for most of those years.  Cindy works as an occupational therapist and currently supports other therapists as a compliance director for her company.  Her passions include this church, her family, nature and her dog.

Rev. Kim Leverton - Rev Kim grew up in a military family; she supports all those who serve and their families.  Through this experience of knowing whether a loved one could be killed or maimed in war brought her to the understanding that there has to be a better way and that world peace is achievable.  Rev Kim has a strong meditation and contemplative practice, and is experienced in working with trauma survivors, the homeless and in prison ministry.   Along with her Peace Walks and her meditation and contemplation practice, she expresses her ministry through Street Retreats.  A Street Retreat is when Rev Kim lives on the streets as homeless with those who are without homes.  This enables her to minister directly to one who stands before her.  Not wanting to occupy a bed at a homeless shelter, Rev Kim sleeps outside in a sleeping bag.  Rev Kim did a Peace Walk in the spring of 2011 from Atlanta, GA to Washington, DC and does Street Retreats in Cleveland.


Sunday Service Speakers -- July

Sunday Service Speakers -- June

The Church of the Angels

NOTE ---  Our Lily Dale day trip is scheduled for Sat, July 30th.   We will be arranging carpooling for the day so please contact Rev Jenni if you are intersted in attending or if you can drive.  Thank you!!

Kathy Ball - Kathy has worked as a public interest lawyer, nonprofit executive, and organizational consultant.  She is an avid student of the Human Design System and has taught classes, done readings, and served as a life coach using the Human Design System. 

Jun 5 ~ All Message
Jun 12 ~ Earl B Hall
Jun 19 ~ Donna Peltz
Jun 26 ~ Rev Jenni Vinecourt

of Cleveland Ohio          (440) 384-8968

Speaker Bios

New Opportunities!


Dr. Batya Weinbaum - Batya Weinbaum has worked as a medium since the eighties and trained at Lilydale in message passing as well as in full trance work. As always she is working on many projects, including How I Became a Mystic: A Memoir; Feminina Sube, a fertility goddess art installation project on Isla Mujeres, MX and Handmaids Gate in Floyd VA where she is constructing a nature preserve and Ancient Winged Hittite Goddess Temple.She got her doctorate at UMass Amherst, taught at Cleveland State, East Carolina University, Pacific Graduate Institute, and Union Theological Seminary among other places. She operates a Transformational Arts booth at numerous gatherings and festivals. She is currently revising her field work on Isla Mujeres, for a second edition: Islands of Women and Amazons: Representations and Realities. She has been teaching online for nine years, and has published two books about palmistry, Opening Palms and On the Palmist Road based on her five year column on palmistry at the Santa Barbara Independent. She also leads goddess tours to India and edits and published the journal Femspec. She offers writing retreats in Jan. on Isla Mujeres and publishes a magazine of the work produced there, IxChel Press.

July 3 ~ All Message

July 10 ~ Dr Batya Weinbaum

July 17 ~ Rev Kim Leverton

July 24 ~ Rev Cindy Hudson

July 31 ~ Kathy Ball

Healing Service through Prayer - 2nd Mondays of each month at 7pm

Spirit Art Class - 1st Sundays at 1:30pm

Starting in June - Drum Circle has been changed to 4th Fridays at 7pm

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