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In true Spiritualist tradition our service celebrates all 4 aspects of meeting.

​​​"We find our unity within diversity. Whoever you are or wherever you are on life's path -- you are welcome here."


* We meet every Sunday at 11am.  First Sunday of the month is our Spirit Message Service where our Mediums bring messages from Spirit instead of having a guest speaker.  We also included a Blessing Ceremony at the end of this special service. As with any of our services, we cannot guarantee that all those who come will get a message but we can assure that the messages can be uplifting for all!

* Wake Up To Life Study Group exploring the writings of Father Anthony Demello - Each Tuesday beginning Oct 5 from 6:30-7:30pm.  Love Donations collected.

* Women's Book Discussion Group - 1st Monday evenings at 6-7pm (except holidays).  This group meets in the upstairs office above the Wah Sun Restaurant.  A Love Donation is collected.

* Spiritual Development Circle - 1st and 3rd Monday evenings at 7pm (except holidays).  Please check the calendar or MeetUp.com to confirm.  We have a meditation, talk about spiritual topics such as mediumship, healing, how to connect with Spirit. A Love Donation is collected. ​​

Our Foundational Pastor, Beloved Mentor and Friend has received his wings. Rev. Walt Fasser passed peacefully into Spirit on Tuesday, Oct 26th.

The Church of the Angels will be hosting a Tribute & Celebration of the life of Rev. Dr. Walt Fasser on Sunday, December 5. 2021.  Our 11am Sunday service will be abbreviated that day with the memorial taking place directly afterwards.  We are planning to continue the celebration at a nearby restaurant or hall at approximately 2pm.  If at a restaurant we will each be responsible for our own meals and/or beverages.  If we end up celebrating at a hall we will be asking that folks bring potluck.

The church is also taking up a collection for Rev. Walt's partner, Jeanne and her family.  Monetary donations can be made by cash or check to the church or through our donations page through November 26, 2021.

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Everyone Is Welcome

Prayer Requests

• The first is the uniting of our vibrations through music, prayer and quiet reflection.

• The second embraces inspiration and thought exchange.

• Thirdly, we communicate Messages from Spirit.

• Finally, Healing and Fellowship are nurtured.

The Church of the Angels


We have returned to live services each week.  Masks will be optional and social distancing will be available for those who desire it.  The ribbons will stay on the chairs in church but will be flipped back.  We would encourage those who wish to continue to use social distancing can move the ribbons to the front of the chairs if they prefer some space.   As for our agents of healing – they will be providing healing and those receiving can choose either hands on healing or distance.  ~  The collection plates will stay in place and not be passed.  ~  No food for fellowship time although we realize that folks do like to stay and chat a bit after service.  ~ We will be stopping the interactive zoom service.  Meaning the live and zoom services will not be taking place at the same time.  ~  We will still record the main portion of the service (up until message work) and post on the website.  ~  A once-a-month Sunday evening zoom service will be held on the 3rd Sunday from 7-8pm  ~ This will require NEW REGISTRATION for the zoom info.  ​​Register in advance for Monthly Evening Zoom Services   CLICK HERE to register   For the time being, the Spiritual Development Circle will remain virtual on zoom.   We would like to protect each person’s privacy and level of concern as we grow and enable us to celebrate gathering again as a church.   ~   As with any plans – they may change so stay tuned and be Blessed!!


Sign up for our monthly newsletter and be entered to win a reading with one of our many talented mediums.  One winner will be chosen each month.  Thank you.  Good Luck and Many Blessings to You! 

11:00 AM | Every Sunday

12550 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland, OH, 44026

Church of the Angels is an independent,

non-denominational, inter-faith Spiritualist Assembly. All who enter are valued for their

unique qualities. We gather in safe community 

to worship as equals, in an equal energy exchange through love, thought and communication.